Thursday, August 21, 2014

Maybelline Color Show Off Nail Lacquers - All 48 Colors - Nail Swatches

 This past spring I was lucky enough to be one of 100 people Maybelline chose as winners for their #ColorShowOff Twitter & Instagram contest! The (amazing) prize was their entire range of Color Show Nail Lacquers - that's 48 nail colors, ranging from lights to darks and neutrals to brights! This post will be featuring nail swatches of each nail lacquer. All nail swatch photos were taken in the shade, and in each swatch I used 2-3 layers of nail polish without a base or top coat.
 Each Color Show Nail Lacquer retails for around $3.99 for .23 oz of product and can be purchased at your local drugstore.
 Photos will be after the break. Keep reading!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

BareMinerals - Kiss Me, It's My Birthday Set - Photos & Swatches

 BareMinerals Kiss Me It's My Birthday is a set that includes a birthday pin and three full-sized products: Lash Domination 10-in-1 Volumizing Mascara in Intense Black, Lasting Line Long-Wearing Eyeliner in Absolute Black, and Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Show Off. Each of these products is permanent and available separately. This set retails for $25.00 and is available for purchase exclusively at Ulta.

^BareMinerals 10-in-1 Volumizing Mascara in Intense Black.

^BareMinerals Lasting Line Long-Wearing Eyeliner in Absolute Black.

^BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Show Off.

^Swatches, photographed in the shade.

^Swatches, photographed in direct sunlight.

Monday, August 4, 2014

LORAC - Pro Palette 2 - Photos & Swatches!

 LORAC Cosmetics Pro Palette 2 is a brand new permanent eyeshadow palette that contains 8 matte eyeshadows and 8 shimmery eyeshadows. Also included with this palette is a deluxe sample of the Lorac Behind The Scenes Eye Primer. This product retails for $42.00 for .32 oz of eyeshadow and .19 oz of primer, and can be purchased at Ulta and
 Lorac Pro Palette 2 is the second edition of the Pro Palette. I don't own the first palette, therefore I can't really compare the two. From what I can tell, the two palettes are very similar in design: they come in essentially the same packaging, they both have 8 matte eyeshadows and 8 shimmery ones, and they both come with a sample of the eye primer. The first edition seems to have mostly wearable/neutral shades, with only a few slightly more colorful shades in the bottom/shimmery row. The second edition has more variety within each eyeshadow finish; each row contains both neutral and colorful shades, which makes it easier to create eyeshadow looks with more depth.
 This palette is most definitely my favorite everyday palette, as it contains every shade you'd need to create any look you desire. I'd recommend this to any person looking for a good-quality neutral palette, especially if you're just starting out with your makeup collection or are looking for one that you could take traveling. It's the best, and you should get it!!

^Lorac Pro Palette 2 swatches, photographed in the shade.

^Lorac Pro Palette 2 swatches, photographed in direct sunlight.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sigma Pro Partners Welcome Package - Photos!

  Sigma Makeup offers a discount program for Industry Professionals - 20% off all of their products, a welcome package, and more! I applied a couple of months ago, was accepted soon after, and received my welcome package in the mail today. This blog post will be featuring photos of the papers and product samples included in the welcome kit. For more information on the Sigma Pro Partners Program, click here

^The container that held the contents of the welcome package. This container was mailed in a black Sigma box.

^These are the contents of the welcome package, all laid out. From left to right: a mini E25 brush, a Sigma Pro Partners Card, a Pro Partners Pamphlet, and 5 cards of makeup product samples.

^The Pro Partners Pamphlet.

^The makeup sample cards. Two of the cards have 10 eyeshadow samples each. One card has samples of eyebrow powders. One card has samples of one contour powder, one highlight powder, and two blushes.

^Eyeshadow samples of Ember, Nebula, Cinders, Svelte, Almost Jet, Innocent, Dove, Optimistic, Warm Stone, Oyster Sand, Chase, Topaz, Notre Dame, Eylsees, Eiffel, Moonbeam, Midori, Triomphe, Shout, and Approach.

^Eyebrow powder samples of Light, Medium, Auburn, and Dark. Face product samples of Mellow (contour), Peaceful (highlight), Born To (blush), and Serene (blush). Highlighter samples of Well Lit, Ray of Light, Bring to Light, and Goddess Glow.

^Mini Blending E25 brush.

^Mini Blending E25 brush.